You've got what
every buyer and seller wants:
Proven Results.
Are you making the most of your success? Or is it a secret?
You Got it. Flaunt It.
Your single most effective marketing strategy is to prove you get consistent results
and outperform the competition. Why?
People go where the action is.
The #1 priority for sellers is to get their house sold.
If you prove you sell more houses than everyone else in the market, you’ll get to the table.
Buyers want to buy.
If you prove you successfully represent more buyers than anyone else, they’ll talk to you.
A top recruit wants to be with a company on the move.
A strong bar chart is proof of your momentum and a powerful magnet.
And your agents?
They want the world to know they’re with the best company in town.
Don’t go quietly
about your business.
Your competitors hope you don’t figure out how to leverage your success — and they usually get their wish. Because it takes precious time and resources to figure out where you’re #1, let alone produce compelling marketing materials to prove the point. What marketing team has time to do that?
Let Lalapoint turn up your volume.
Our simple-to-use Lalapoint platform pinpoints where you hold #1 market share in every zip code, city and county, across six different data points — at the brand, brokerage and office levels.
We use this verified intel to instantly generate customized videos, graphics, presentation materials and lead-generating websites for each #1 story you have to tell. The best part? We serve up these assets for easy sharing across all social channels to broadcast your success.
Lalapoint helps your business do more business.
Are you leveraging your success to generate your future momentum? Curious where you have the #1 story to tell right now? Contact us. We’d love to show you.
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